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Ride It Out is a campaign to inspire people to embrace bike riding during these challenging times.


Now more than ever, providing safe and enjoyable routes is a valuable service to your customers. All across America, people are jumping on their bikes, for transportation, fitness and to be active as a family. Many are dusting off their bikes after a long time out of the saddle and some are starting to ride for the first time. Ride It Out is for all of them and regular riders, too. 



we have an opportunity as an industry to lead the way and help everyone #rideitout.

More people are relying on their bikes for transportation and looking for safe routes to get to where they need to go.


You can help show them the way with safe and fun routes on Ride Spot.

Normal fitness routines have been interrupted, so many people are getting reacquainted with their bikes or getting on one for the first time.


Offer them safe riding tips and best practices during the pandemic.

Families and kids are eagerly looking for ways to get their wiggles out.


Share some fun ideas from our friends at Buddy Pegs.

Committed cyclists are in need up-to-date recommendations on riding during social distancing. Check out our safe cycling tips here


They also might be missing their normal group rides, so create a Ride Spot Challenge and invite them to ride it.





The Ride It Out Toolkit



Ride Spot was built to make route sharing simple, engage riders and build community. Our Challenges tool is an excellent way to connect with riders and reward them for riding. All Affiliates accounts have been upgraded for free to access Challenges for a limited time. Click here to learn more


Our Ride Spot Affiliate Team is standing by to help you get your routes in and create your Challenges. If you'd like a hand, just send us an email. 



PeopleForBikes has published a social distance riding guide to help everyone ride safely and responsibly. Visit to discover helpful articles and media you can share with your customers.



Join the Ride It Out campaign on Promoboxx to access pre-built RIO assets to share on social media and on your website. Click here to join. If you’re not registered on Promoboxx, click the link to enroll.



SmartEtailing customers can visit the Content Library section of your Site Manager and search for "Ride Spot” to see all available Ride it Out content. To learn more about SmartEtailing, click here. 



All of the digital assets for the Ride It Out campaign are available for your use on Dropbox. Click here to find images, logos, videos and more.

The Ride Spot Affiliate team is at your service!

Please reach out if you have any questions about Ride Spot

or any of the Ride It Out tools.

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