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Ride Spot In-store Ideas

Updated: Jun 26

Part of Ride Spot's DNA is bicycle retail, so it should come as no surprise that we want Ride Spot to be an integral part of every bike sale.

Adding a couple route suggestions to the mix should be just as important as making sure that new bike owner has a helmet and knows how to shift gears on their new bike.

RideCards are a natural bridge from the in-store experience to a digital connection with your customer. RideCards have essential route info on the front and, if the route was built in our Route Builder, it will have a cue sheet on the back. You can export a RideCard PDF from any route by clicking on "Save>Download PDF RideCard".

We have Ride Spot displays that you can purchase online, but we also love to see the creativity of our Affiliates when they design and create displays of their own. Here are a couple examples of some Ride Spot installations we've seen:

Wheel & Sprocket, Bayview

Trek Bicycle Store, Madison East

Wheel & Sprocket - Middleton, WI

Interactive Digital Display (Concept)


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