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New and Improved Ride Spot Challenges!

Updated: May 15

We’ve been working on a handful of improvements to our Ride Spot Challenges and they’re ready just in time for peak riding season! We have made Challenges FREE for all of our Affiliate accounts, so log in today and get started.

Why host Challenges?

  1. They’re free and simple to set up.

  2. They provide a fun and easy way to engage riders.

  3. They drive riders to your store or your website.

What’s new?

We improved the redemption process for riders, giving you the option of providing Challenge rewards through your website in addition to inviting riders to pick them up in person.

The "Redemption Instructions" are now hidden until the rider completes the Challenge, allowing you to add a coupon code or specific information to help them claim their reward.

During the Challenge Builder process, when you select “Redeem Online,” you can add a URL to your website or a specific product page for the reward. If you are offering a discount or a free item as a reward, be sure to add the coupon code to the “Redemption Instructions".

Here are some examples of "Redeem Online" instructions:

  • “Visit our website and use coupon code BEACHBALL to get 10% off your next order.”

  • “Click the ‘Redeem Your Reward’ button and enter coupon code BIKES1000 to claim your free patch.”

  • “Use coupon code SHIPPEE to get free shipping on your next order.”

When a rider completes a Challenge, they will now receive an updated “Challenge Complete!” email that includes your redemption instructions and the link to your website.

If you select “Redeem In Person” in the Challenge Builder, you can add specific instructions on how, when, and where riders can claim their reward. Here are some examples:

  • “Come see us at the shop before the end of the month to pick up your reward. Simply show us this email or mention the secret password: Magic.”

  • “Pick up your reward at our “Such and Such Event” at the county park on Saturday, July 11!”

  • “Use coupon code EARTHDAY to get $5 off your next in-store purchase. Offer ends June 15th.”

Challenge Builder Updates

Our new and improved Challenge Builder is now smoother and more intuitive.

Along with the ability to add a URL where riders can claim their reward, we also introduced a “Copy Challenge” feature on the “Manage>Challenges” dashboard. By clicking on the “Copy” icon to the right of your Challenge, you can quickly duplicate a Challenge, select new dates, give it a new name, and update any of the other information before publishing.

Host Private Challenges

Do you want your employees or members to commute to work by bike or just ride their bikes more often? You can now create a private account for your organization and offer incentives for employees to ride. We are at your service to help set up your account and get your staff onboarded — just let us know!

Need a hand?

If you have questions or if you want to arrange a meeting to chat through Challenges or any other Ride Spot features, please don't hesitate to reach out! We're at your service.


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