• Tobie DePauw

Navigating a new normal.

Updated: Mar 26

First of all, thank you for taking a moment to check out this article. We know you're on a rollercoaster right now and we appreciate your hard work during this wild time.

PeopleForBikes is making it a priority to lobby on your behalf to ensure bike shops are deemed essential businesses and allowed to stay open alongside grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies as much as possible. I personally wanted to remind you, and affirm you are essential businesses. Not just to your family and your staff, not just to your paying customers, but to the communities you have built around you. We believe the services you offer extend far beyond the flats you fix and the bikes you sell. Riders depend on their local bike shop as a connection point to other people, to healthy activities and to better versions of themselves. It might not always feel like it, but you have a lot of people rooting for your survival and success right now. So, please, be encouraged. These are trying times, no doubt, but please keep trying.

We hope Ride Spot can be a tool to help you navigate the new normal. On top of your existing rider base, there are scores of people dusting off their bikes to compensate for the decrease in public transportation options and others looking for an alternative means of exercise and sanity to replace their typical gym routine or yoga classes. These riders need your help to show them the way.

Use this opportunity to create and share Classic Routes to promote the best way to get around safely. Show infrequent riders how to prep their bike for action after a long time in storage by sharing our Bike 101 videos (or creating your own). Don’t underestimate the power of your own perspective! Share your own Ride Stories to show how you are responsibly using your bike these days and coach them on how they can use the bicycles as grocery-getters and family vehicles.

To encourage you and help you engage your riders, PeopleForBikes will be temporarily waiving the fee to access Challenges on all Affiliate accounts. Ride Spot Challenges are a unique way to inspire your riders to get on their bikes and visit your online store for a reward. Offer up a variety of Challenges for all types of riders and invite your entire audience to participate. If you're interested in getting started with Challenges right away, please email us.

We’ll be following up soon with some specifics on how you can use Ride Spot in our ever-shifting new idea of normal. We are all in this together and we are at your service. Our Affiliate team is standing by to help you upload and trace your routes, answer questions or assist in any way, so please reach out to us at tobie@peopleforbikes.org.

Be well and hang tough.

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