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Introducing the new Ride More Challenges

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

We are excited to announce the arrival of two new Challenge features for our Affiliates on Ride Spot. In addition to our current route-based RideTheRoute Challenges, we are launching RideMoreMiles and RideMoreOften Challenges.

As their names suggest, these new Challenges are designed to help you get your customers riding more. To celebrate the launch and encourage you to give them a try, they will be available for free until the end of June.


RideMoreMiles (RMM) Challenges allow you to host distance-based Challenges, so you can now incentivize riders to complete a designated mileage over a defined period. Affiliates can fully customize the distance goal, the duration and the reward for participation. For example, you could offer everyone a free sticker for riding more than 25mi this weekend or offer a bigger reward for anyone who rides more than 100mi this month.


RideMoreOften (RMO) Challenges are frequency-based, so you can reward riders for riding a certain number of times in between two dates. You could even reward riders for riding once! With RMO Challenges, you can set a minimum mileage per ride and you can even designate a specific location or locations where rides must start, finish or pass by in order to count towards the goal. For example, you could create a RMO Challenge that rewards riders for riding more than 2mi to your shop or for riding from one location to another. Another way to use this feature is to create a “Connect the Dots” Challenge, with a number of locations riders must visit in order to complete the Challenge. You can learn more about setting up Locations and find some examples here.

Riders will see local and national Challenges as soon as they download the new Ride Spot 3.0 app, so be sure to set up a simple Challenge soon and take advantage of the promotions we'll be doing throughout the month of May. Invite your riders to download or upgrade to the new Ride Spot 3.0 app and join!

Add an engaging banner image to make your Challenge pop (template available here).

There are so many different ways to build these Challenges, as we can’t wait to see all the creative ways you will use them to engage your communities.

We invite you to take advantage of the free trial period to host as many Challenges as you’d like before July. After the trial ends, you can access them by logging into your Affilaite account and visiting the “Support Us” page to upgrade your account.

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