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Host a Ride It Out Challenge!

Updated: Jul 22

When we created Ride Spot, we knew our Challenge feature was something special. Currently, many people are extra appreciative of bike riding’s mental and physical benefits, so now more than ever, we believe Challenges can be an especially helpful tool.

As a part of our Ride it Out campaign, we’ve upgraded all Affiliates to the premium supporter level so you can take advantage of the Challenge feature for free.

Ride Spot Challenges are designed to get people out on their bikes and reward them for completing a route, but instead of directing riders to your store during the pandemic, you can direct them to redeem a reward on your website to keep your shop – if it’s physically open – clear for essential business and repairs.

As you’re surely aware, people everywhere are riding more and folks who haven’t ridden in years are getting back on their bikes. Challenges are a great way to say “Hey everyone! Check out this great route and get 10% off (for example) your next purchase on our website.

Since your customers can ride the route whenever it’s convenient for them, you don’t have to work around busy schedules like you’d normally do with group rides. While virtual rides can be fun, we believe Ride Spot Challenges offer the unique ability to inspire customers of all riding types to get out on their bike, breathe some fresh air and then be incentivized to visit your online store.

We would love to help you build your first Challenge, so if you’d like to take us up on that, simply send us an email with the following information:

  • A link to the route you want to use for the Challenge.

  • The reward you’d like to offer for participation (and instructions for redemption).

  • A link to your online store.

We’ll follow up quickly to discuss next steps.

To jump right in and host your own, here's a step-by-step for you:

Create a Route - To start, we recommend drawing the route in Ride Spot in order to generate turn-by-turn directions. If you have an existing GPX or TCX file, you can upload it and we’ll help you re-draw it with turn by turn directions in our route builder. Add a description of the route and some images to give riders a good idea what the experience will be like.

Set a Date Range - Two to four weeks is ideal. Riders can ride the route whenever it’s convenient for them, but you’ll want at least two weekends to make it more easy to complete.

Add an Award - Awards can be anything you want! We recommend a small but interesting giveaway and/or a small discount. The "Award" tab is next to the "Ride Story" tab underneath the map when you're creating your Challenge. You can choose to reward riders one-by-one as they complete the Challenge or all at once when the Challenge is over.

  • Consider a free piece of swag (bottle, patch, stickers, etc) with their next purchase on your website.

  • Discounts or BOGO’s are another simple way to reward riders.

  • In the Award description, add instructions how riders can redeem their award during limited hours or instruct them to redeem online.

  • To encourage riders to redeem a discount on your website, create a coupon code and email it to the riders who have completed the Challenge.

Publish & Promote - After saving your Challenge, spread the word! Post a link on social media, your website and in an email to your customers. Invite them to join you on Ride Spot and include links to download the app. It’s free!

  • Make sure everyone tracks their ride with the app and encourage riders to post their Ride Stories and tag you on social media.

  • If you send out a mass email to your list, consider using a footer like this to make sure your riders understand how to participate:

"Here's how to complete the Challenge:

  • Download the Ride Spot app and hit the "Join" button on the Challenge. It’s free.

  • Ride the full route in either direction, tracking/navigating the ride with the Ride Spot app or a GPS device.

  • When you finish the route, save it on the app or import your GPS file to Ride Spot. You'll receive a notification and email confirmation of your success. Follow the instructions to redeem your reward!"

Track Progress - Export the Challenge Data to see who’s registered and completed the Challenge. Rider information is available as a downloadable .csv under the “Save” button on your Challenge.

Run a report after the Challenge is complete to track your ROI and follow up with your customers. Consider sending the riders a “Thank You” email that also invites them to your next Event, Challenge, or sale.

Please let us know if we can help you get going! The Ride Spot Affiliate Team is at your service. Send us an email with any questions.


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