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Geofencing is Fun!

One of the most exciting elements of our new RideMoreOften Challenges is the ability to add "geofences" around locations and make them a part of your Challenge.

You can add one or more locations to any RMO Challenge, and then you can choose whether riders need to visit one or all of the locations on a ride in order for it to count towards the Challenge goal.

To add a location, click on "Define Geofencing Areas" as you build your RMO Challenge, give the location a name, and then zoom in to drop a pin on your desired location. It doesn't have to be exact; you can easily widen the radius of the geofence by clicking on "Radius".

If you want to add more locations, just click on "Add another location".

Once you've saved your locations, choose whether riders need to visit just one or all of the locations on a ride in order for it to count towards the Challenge. If you select "Require One", the ride will only count if the rider starts, finishes or passes with the the radius of at least one of your locations.

If you select "Require All", the rider will need to pass within the radius of every location on the same ride in order for the ride to qualify towards the Challenge.

Here are some RMO/Location Challenge ideas to get you started; Feel free to create your own Challenges using any of these styles:

Ride to the Shop Challenge

Reward riders for riding more than 2mi to visit your location during the Challenge.

If you have more than one location, you can add them all to the Challenge and select "Require One" location.

“Anyone who rides more than 2mi to BIKE SHOP three times in June will get a BIKE SHOP sticker!” or Anyone who rides more than 3mi to any of our BIKE SHOP locations…”

Destination Challenge

Challenge riders to visit a landmark or a cool spot some distance away from town. They can choose their own route to get there.

“Everyone who rides to the top of Gibraltar Rock on Saturday will get 10% off their next accessory purchase at BIKE SHOP."

Choose your own Adventure Challenge

Create a RMO Challenge, make the number of rides = one and add all the local camping spots as locations. Challenge riders to ride out to any one of them during the Challenge period. Extra credit if they post a cool Ride Story from their adventure.

Self-guided Tour

List a number of sites riders must visit on a single ride and let them determine their own route that connects them all.

“Everyone who visits these five historical sites on one ride this month will get a limited edition patch!”

Please tag @ride_spot and @peopleforbikes when you share your Challenges on social media!


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