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Challenge Starters

Since the launch of our new Challenges in May, we've been testing, trying, listening and learning a handful of things, so we decided to share a pile of ideas to help you get started with your own Challenges.

Feel free to pick and choose your favorite concepts to create a Challenge and feel free to reach out if you have new ideas of your own!

RideMoreOften (RMO) Challenge Concepts

Ride 10x to get a reward

Ride your bike to the Shop 3x to get X

Add a goal of 3 rides.

Add a geofence around your location.

Connect the Dots Challenge: "Ride your bike to these spots all in one ride."

Add a goal of one ride.

Add 3-4 geolocations.

Select “Require ALL locations”.

This means that in order for a ride to count towards the Challenge, the rider must start/finish or pass ALL the specified locations on one ride.

Choose your own Adventure

Set a goal of one ride.

Pick 3-4 destinations 10-15mi from town.

Add geofences around each location.

Select “Require ONE location”.

10x10 Challenge

Ride 10 rides over 10mi in a month

New Bike Infrastructure Challenge

"Ride the new bike path three times this month."

Add a goal of three rides.

Add a geofence on the new path.

RideMoreMiles (RMM) Challenge Concepts

Ride 10mi this weekend

Set a goal of 10mi.

Set the limited date range.

Ride 100mi this month

Set a goal of 100mi.

Set the limited date range.

New Bike Checkup Challenge

"Ride 60mi & come get your Free Checkup!"

Set goal of 60mi.

Set date range of the whole year.


Consider a reward that's special enough to incentivize riders, but affordable to

give away.

  • Water Bottles

  • Branded Shop Merch

  • Patches

  • Enamel Pins

  • Patch Kits

  • Hi-fives

  • Supplier-supplied merchandise

Giant Liv WBD Bundle
  • Free coffee/beer from a local partner

  • Poster/print/product from a local artist

  • Discount in store (ie: 10% off your next visit)

  • Discounted or free service (ie: free bike checkup)

  • Raffle entry

  • Stickers

  • Buttons

  • Prize Bundles

Another approach is to have a limited number of very cool rewards and reward a limited number of participants, either by rewarding the first riders to complete the Challenge, or by rewarding a limited number of participants at random. Here's an example of that rewarding method.

Activate Riders with a Fundraising Challenge

Another way to utilize Challenges is to use them to activate your riding community in support of a cause. You can use Ride Spot as a platform to run a fundraising campaign by setting a goal and finding sponsors to donate if you achieve your goal.

PeopleForBikes partnered with Newberry Library and The CRR1919 Commemoration Project in 2020 to raise funds for Blackstone Bicycle Works in Chicago. SRAM and ABUS committed to donating funds if we could rally over 300 riders to complete a 10-mile historical route. We succeeded in raising $7500 for BBW and had almost 350 riders participate. Click here to learn more!

This is a model we would love more people to put into action, so please reach out if you'd like help creating your own activation Challenge.

Tag us!

Don't forget to tag @ride_spot and @peopleforbikes on social media when you post your Challenges! We'd love to help you promote them.

If you have any questions or would like your ideas added to our list, please reach out to


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