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PeopleForBikes Ride Spot Neutrality Policy + Promotion Guide

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

PeopleForBikes supports all bike businesses and all bike riders. Our mission is to make bike riding better for everyone and to get more people riding bikes more often. We don’t promote one brand over another, but we do provide special recognition opportunities for PeopleForBikes Coalition member companies, including those that make special beyond-dues contributions to our programs. We work carefully to make sure that this additional recognition is always clear and appropriate.

Our Ride Spot platform recognizes dues-paying PeopleForBikes Coalition members who contribute to the success of our overall mission and programs. This recognition includes access to Ride Spot Premium Features such as branded Ride Spot Routes, the opportunity to brand Ride Spot content in the form of Ride Stories, and the clear recognition of PFB membership status on the Ride Spot app and on Ride Spot communications.

How to Use Ride Spot as an Affiliate (Free Member)

Ride Spot is the place where people go to find new ride experiences. For an affiliate, the best way to promote your business on Ride Spot is to create and share great routes and ride stories. Don't just post them on Ride Spot: link them to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other communications channels.

As you create and share great content on Ride Spot, people will “like” your submissions and that will move your posts towards the top of ride search results.

To get started:

  1. Create a Ride Spot account for your bike business. This will house all of your rides and content.

  2. If you are a retailer or other bike business that interacts face to face with customers, include your address to show your location on the Ride Spot map.

  3. Create Routes, Ride Stories and Events.

  4. Share your Routes and Events with your customers directly through your main social media channels.

  5. Print RideCards of your Routes to share with your employees and customers.

How to Use Ride Spot as a PeopleForBikes Coalition Member (Paid Member)

  1. PeopleForBikes Coalition Members receive additional Ride Spot promotional opportunities that are not included with free Affiliate accounts. These include:

  2. Take advantage of the special opportunity to host and promote Route Challenges.

  3. Access National Challenge promotions that link your company to your retailers and individual customers. Route-based Challenges allow Coalition Members to create a designated route and assign a prize that can be earned by any rider who completes that route. Challenges are a great promotional tool used by brands to encourage people to ride more and interact with the brand because of the reward component.

  4. Benefit from additional recognition of your best Routes and Ride Stories. PeopleForBikes regularly shares the best of our Coalition Partners’ Routes and Ride Stories with Ride Spot users. We do this to help activate riders of all kinds and get more people riding more often. We share these routes within Ride Spot, across our social channels and as part of our email marketing initiatives.

To read Ride Spot's Terms & Conditions, click here and to view our Privacy Policy click here.


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