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It's time to make time for Classic Routes!

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Creating a library of routes to share in the store might sound daunting, but it doesn't have to be.

You already have the routes. They’re just hidden in your head, or your staff’s heads, or in a pile of GPX files. Now it’s time to import/draw them into Ride Spot, add some anecdotes and images, and you’re good to go. Maybe this is a good excuse for you or some key staff to get out for a ride and share some experiences.

Yes, I’m telling you to go ride your bike.

To determine which routes you should share, run through this list of questions and you’ll have a library in no time.

  • Where do I/we like to ride?

  • What bikes do we sell the most? Where should folks ride them?

  • What route(s) would make a new bike owner fall in love with riding?

  • Where could we send riders for a great coffee/beer/ice cream/vista, etc?

  • What are some commonly dangerous areas we can guide riders through safely?

Once you have a list of routes you’d like to put into Ride Spot, you can log in and get started. When you click on “Create” in the upper left corner, select “Classic Route” and then you can either import a route you’ve ridden or draw the route in the Route Builder. We recommend Affiliates draw all of their routes (with the exception of off-road/mtb routes), so you can generate turn-by-turn directions and a cue sheet for your routes.

If you want to import a route you’ve ridden before and then “trace” it to create cues, just select “Import Route”, upload your route file, and then before you hit save, hover over the map to see and select the “Update Route” option. This will open the route as a template in the route builder that you can then trace by clicking along the route.

The purple line is the original route. The red line is the new route being drawn over top of it.

Be sure to double-check your cues on the right before you save - our “Edit Cue Sheet” option is still under construction, so the only time to edit or correct your cues is when you originally create them.

When everything looks good, hit “Save Route” in the upper right hand corner of the Route Builder and then hit “Save” at the bottom of the next page, too. This saves the route to your account so you can go back and add/edit your Ride Story at any time without losing your work creating the route.

Once it’s saved, add a description, some nice photos and any other information that could be helpful for riders.

When you have four or more Classic Routes ready to go, visit our Affiliate Shop to pick up RideCards and Ride Spot displays to use in the store. Our Starter Kit is the best seller. It works on the counter or on the wall and holds four routes. If you have the wall space and want to go all-in, our 12-packs are a really good value.

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