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A Route By Any Other Name

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Naming your Classic Routes is important.

How you title your Classic Routes will be a "first impression" for your brand, so you'll want it to be helpful and accurate. It's ok to have fun with it, too!

There are a couple ways riders can find your routes and the most common one will be on the "Discover" page:

It can be helpful to include a concise hint at the nature of the ride so riders can quickly identify if the route might be right for them. New riders will especially appreciate it.

While words like "easy","moderate" or "difficult" might be relative terms, they are generally helpful.

Easy – Appropriate for all riders, no technical sections or very many busy streets, not too much elevation gain, could be family friendly.

Moderate – Appropriate for somewhat experienced riders, may include technical sections, moderate elevation gain.

Difficult – Experts only, lots of elevation gain, technical sections or busy traffic, must be confident in ability to navigate challenging route or terrain.

So instead of "Bob's Hill Route", consider "Bob's Hill Route - Moderate" or "Bob's Chill Hills". Here are a couple other examples:

Lynn’s Bike Shop Donut Ride (Easy)

Easy Ride to North Ridge Park

Cross Town Commute | Easy Version

And it can work for avid riders, too. "Big Ring's Kneecap Killer" is pretty clear.

As we continue to develop Ride Spot, we will make it easier and easier for riders to search and find the right routes for them. Titling your Classic Routes this way will help riders find your routes and your business starting today.

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