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How does Ride Spot help my business?

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Simply put, Ride Spot is a toolkit for using your local route knowledge and riding activities to add value to your brand. Pairing products with experiences is a powerful way to build better relationships with your customers.

Ride Spot currently has three main business features: Classic Routes, Events, and Challenges. These three tools will help you inspire and engage your followers in a whole new way. Creating an active community around your establishment through inspires loyalty and increases traffic.

Classic Routes

  • Curate a great experience by sharing the best routes around.

  • Classic routes appear at the top of local search results on the Discover page.

  • Use Classic RideCards in the store to get riders on the right routes, right away.

Read more about Classic Routes


  • Consolidate the effort of sharing all the info for riding events in one place.

  • Track attendance & export rider data.

  • Inspire riders to share their own stories for your Events.

Read more about Events


  • Patented Route-Specific Challenge technology.

  • Pair a specific route with a specific reward.

  • Riders who complete the route within the date range get a notification to pick up their prize in the store or online.

  • Track participation & export rider data

Read more about Challenges

Ride Spot makes it easy to promote and host safe, memorable and fun riding experiences, which will help riders enjoy cycling and find community around your organization.

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