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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

It has never been easier to get riders on the right routes right away!

RideCards were designed to help you quickly and easily get riders on good routes. No more big unwieldy maps or sending riders out with a handwritten route on receipt paper!

They feature your logo, a snapshot of the map, vital route details, a Cue Sheet, and a QR/URL. The Ride Spot App has a built-in QR scanner, so a rider with the app can immediate scan, save, and navigate a route within seconds.

RideCards are available as a PDF export for any route created using the route builder. The route must be drawn in the route builder in order to generate the turn-by-turn directions for the Cue Sheet on the back of the RideCard.

We recommend exporting RideCards for your most popular and useful routes and displaying them prominently in your store. We've made it very simple to order RideCards and Ride Spot Displays on the Ride Spot Affiliate Shop. We've negotiated bulk pricing on printing RideCards for all of our Affiliates - up to 60% less than local printers!

Click here to visit the Ride Spot Affiliate Shop.

If you're a bike retailer, create Classic Routes for your most popular bike categories, print RideCards and hang the cards on the bikes to inspire conversations beyond the product itself. When a rider grabs the RideCard, it's easy to transition the topic to what experiences they could have after the purchase. At that point, the register is diminished as a barrier and becomes a speed bump.

When you're talking to a rider who may be new to cycling, "where to ride" is often something they're worried about. By suggesting a safe route for them to enjoy their new bike, you're helping set them up for the best first ride possible. The RideCard bridges the gap between analog and digital, too. If they download the app, they can see more of your routes, discover your Events and Challenges, and stay connected by following you on blackriver.

We have already had a number of retailers and promoters start using RideCards in their store and at their events. The QR scanner reads any QR, so as long as the URL leads to your route or event, you can generate a QR and put it in a print ad, on a sticker, on a hangtag, or anywhere you'd like. Have you printed out RideCards, yet? If so, post a picture on social media and tag us!

If you have any questions about RideCards, please send us an email!


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