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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Get everything and everyone on the same page with Events.

Events are a key part of creating an active community around bicycle retail, but they can be tedious to maintain. Our goal is to simplify the task of planning and promoting Events. Use the Events tool to host any type of riding event.

When riders “Join” your Events, you get a notification and they immediately get a copy of the route saved to their routes. They can choose to download the route file (GPX OR TCX) for a GPS device, print a RideCard with cues or navigate using the Ride Spot app.

Ride Spot consolidates all the information onto one page to make it simple for you and your customers.

  • Description

  • Route

  • Date

  • Start Time

  • Location

  • Elevation Profile

  • Attendance

  • Waiver download

Your followers will see newly posted Events in their Social Feed. Upcoming Events also appear in local searches on Events tab on the “Discover” page, offering great regional exposure to the retailers offering events regularly.

Attendee information is available as a downloadable .csv. Our data gives you real-time, practical information to better serve your customers. You’ll get a better understanding of who’s engaging with your events by seeing their mileage and activity on Ride Spot. You can access the Event Data by clicking on the "Save" button and selecting "View Event Data".

We suggest brainstorming a few events and posting them well in advance so your customers can plan their schedules around them. An event calendar is a very powerful marketing tool. By planning ahead and creating events on Ride Spot, you reinforce your position as the center of your local cycling community.

When riders ride your Event and track it using Ride Spot, their published Ride Story has a link back to your event. The social impact of Events and Challenges on blackriver should not be underestimated. The aggregation of experiences tied to your business is a very powerful force in today's marketplace. Rider submitted stories create a “database” of searchable experiences tied to your event and your store. Ride Stories function as “user reviews” for your events.



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