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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Our patented route-specific Challenge technology is a proven way to inspire your riding community to get out on their bikes and back into the store. Ride Spot is the only platform that offers the tools to host and track local Challenges.

Riders can discover Challenges in local searches on the Discover page, on Profile Pages and in their Social Feeds. When they “Join” a Challenge, the route is automatically added to their saved routes and the host receives a notification.

Use Challenges to get new riders on safe routes, inspire active riders to ride somewhere fresh, or dare experienced riders to push their limits. Every rider who completes a Challenge gets a notification and email congratulating them and inviting them to redeem their award in the store or online.

How to host a Challenge

Create a Route - To begin, create a route that will be approachable and enjoyable to all levels of rider. We recommend drawing the route in Ride Spot in order to generate a RideCard with turn-by-turn directions, but you can also import a GPX or TCX file to quickly establish a route. Add a description and some images to give riders a good idea what the experience will be like.

Set a date range - Two to four weeks is ideal. Riders can ride it whenever it’s convenient for them, but you’ll want at least two weekends to make it accessible.

Add an Award - Awards can be anything you want! We recommend a small but interesting giveaway and/or a small discount in the store. The "Award" tab is next to the "Ride Story" tab underneath the map when you're creating your Challenge.

  • If you’re offering a discount, create a SKU for your POS to track purchases associated with the Challenge.

Publish & Promote - After saving your Challenge, spread the word on social media, your website, and in an email to your customer list. Invite your followers to join you on Ride Spot and include links to download the app. It’s free!

  • Consider hosting a group ride to ride the Challenge route together and post a Facebook event to invite riders.

  • Make sure everyone tracks the ride with the app and encourage riders to post their Ride Stories.

  • If you send out a mass email to your list, consider using a footer like this to make sure your riders understand how to participate:

"Here's how to complete the Challenge:

Hit the "Join" button on the Challenge.

Ride the full route in either direction, tracking the ride with the Ride Spot app or a GPS device. You can navigate the route using the app or export the route to your GPS device.

When you finish the route, save it on the app or import your GPS file to Ride Spot. You'll receive a notification and/or an email confirmation of your success. Show your confirmation email at the bike shop to redeem your reward!"

Track Progress - Export the Challenge Data to see who’s registered and completed the Challenge. Rider information is available as a downloadable .csv. Our data gives you real-time, practical information to better serve your customers. You’ll get a better understanding of who’s engaging with you by seeing their mileage and activity on Ride Spot. You can access the Challenge Data by clicking on the "Save" button and selecting "View Challenge Data". Track redemptions of prizes in the store. At the end of the month, use the export to create an email list. Send the riders a “Thank You” email and invite them to your next Event, Challenge, or sale.

We’ll be publishing more Case Studies and Success Stories from retailers and brands using Ride Spot Challenges to engage their audiences. If you have a story we should hear, send us an email!

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