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One of the most common questions in any bike shop — right behind “Can I get some air?” and “Will you match this price?” — is “Where’s a good place to ride around here?” The bike shop is where we all go to find the best routes. By “we” I mean self-identifying cyclists who know that trick. Bike shops retain a unique position in the the community this way. They are a repository for local ride knowledge. When I travel, the first place I go to find out where to ride is the local bike shop. If I have a great experience riding a route or trail suggested by the shop, I feel a connection with the shop. And it often inspires me to make a purchase, share something on social media, or suggest them to my

The Route is a Character — Land Run 100

For Land Run 100’s fifth event in 2017, founder Bobby Wintle called and said he wanted to do something special with the route. Historically, he relied on a few close friends to design the route, but this was the first year he had handpicked each and every road for the event. “These are my absolute favorite roads in the region,” he said. The red dirt roads had already left their mark on the brains and stains on the clothes of riders who had already ridden the event. This year, the roads and routes would be truly unforgettable. Bobby was already working with the platform for his shop, District Bicycles, and starting to import his Classic routes into the system. The very ethos of Land Run is fo

Case Study: Dirty Kanza Teapot Mound Training Challenge

In 2006, the first Dirty Kanza 200 had 34 riders. In 2017, there will be over 2,000. As they’ve grown and added other events throughout the year, they have transformed the small town of Emporia, Kansas into a global destination for gravel riding. In 2016, they opened a retail store called Gravel City Adventure & Supply. To accommodate riders looking to ride around Emporia on their own, the DK/GC crew created a catalog of branded routes they called their Iconic Routes. They were perfectly ready and immediately launched an incredible catalog of Classic Routes on Ride Spot. As we turned the calendar to 2017, we started talking to them about a series of training Challenges leading up to their fl


It has never been easier to get riders on the right routes right away! RideCards were designed to help you quickly and easily get riders on good routes. No more big unwieldy maps or sending riders out with a handwritten route on receipt paper! They feature your logo, a snapshot of the map, vital route details, a Cue Sheet, and a QR/URL. The Ride Spot App has a built-in QR scanner, so a rider with the app can immediate scan, save, and navigate a route within seconds. RideCards are available as a PDF export for any route created using the route builder. The route must be drawn in the route builder in order to generate the turn-by-turn directions for the Cue Sheet on the back of the RideCard. W


Get everything and everyone on the same page with Events. Events are a key part of creating an active community around bicycle retail, but they can be tedious to maintain. Our goal is to simplify the task of planning and promoting Events. Use the Events tool to host any type of riding event. When riders “Join” your Events, you get a notification and they immediately get a copy of the route saved to their routes. They can choose to download the route file (GPX OR TCX) for a GPS device, print a RideCard with cues or navigate using the Ride Spot app. Ride Spot consolidates all the information onto one page to make it simple for you and your customers. Description Route Date Start Time Location

How does Ride Spot help my business?

Simply put, Ride Spot is a toolkit for using your local route knowledge and riding activities to add value to your brand. Pairing products with experiences is a powerful way to build better relationships with your customers. Ride Spot currently has three main business features: Classic Routes, Events, and Challenges. These three tools will help you inspire and engage your followers in a whole new way. Creating an active community around your establishment through inspires loyalty and increases traffic. Classic Routes Curate a great experience by sharing the best routes around. Classic routes appear at the top of local search results on the Discover page. Use Classic RideCards in the store to


Our patented route-specific Challenge technology is a proven way to inspire your riding community to get out on their bikes and back into the store. Ride Spot is the only platform that offers the tools to host and track local Challenges. Riders can discover Challenges in local searches on the Discover page, on Profile Pages and in their Social Feeds. When they “Join” a Challenge, the route is automatically added to their saved routes and the host receives a notification. Use Challenges to get new riders on safe routes, inspire active riders to ride somewhere fresh, or dare experienced riders to push their limits. Every rider who completes a Challenge gets a notification and email congratulat

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