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Make the most of your RAGBRAI experience this summer by joining our community on Ride Spot. You’ll get access to the routes, a sneak peek into the cities and towns you’ll be riding through via our Ride Stories and the opportunity to win great prizes just for riding your bike. 


RAGBRAI 2021 Routes

Sunday, July 25

Monday, July 26

Tuesday, July 27

Gravel Option Tuesday, July 27

Wednesday, July 28

Thursday, July 29

Optional Loop Thursday, July 29

Friday, July 30

Saturday, July 31

RAGBRAI 2021 Full Route

Ragbrai 2021 Profile

Discover RAGBRAI on Ride Spot.

In order to see and save the Ragbrai routes on Ride Spot, download the app or register online at

  1. Download the most recent Ride Spot app. Even if you already downloaded the app, be sure to update it for the best experience. Update your profile — add a photo, a bit about you and your favorite bike!

  2. In the app, tap on "Rides & Routes" on the home screen. You'll see the 2021 routes near the top of local routes. Tap to preview.

  3. Click here to see the Ragbrai profile and then click on "Classics" to see all of the 2021 Routes on the app.

To Save RAGBRAI Routes:

Saving Routes on a computer:

  1. Navigate to and sign in to your account.

  2. Go to the RAGBRAI Profile.

  3. Under the “Classics” tab in the middle of the page, find the routes you’d like to save.

  4. Click on a route.

  5. Beneath the route map, click on the blue Save button and select “save route.”

  6. You can also export GPX files to upload to your Garmin from the Save button. 

Saving routes using the Ride Spot app and Ragbrai RideCards:

  1. Open Ride Spot and tap the “Scan” button in the bottom bar.

  2. Hover the scanner over the route QR code you’d like to save.

  3. When the ride opens, click “save” in the upper right corner above the map.

To Connect and Use Your Garmin

To sync your Garmin device, log in to your Ride Spot account on your computer at

Click on “Profile”, then “My Account", then "Garmin Connect" and log into your Connect account.

After you've synced your device, every time you save a ride with your Garmin, your ride will automatically be uploaded to Ride Spot

To export routes FROM Ride Spot (for your GPS device)

The Ragbrai routes on Ride Spot have turn-by-turn instructions, so if want your GPS device to guide you, you export the route from Ride Spot and import it into your device.

  1. Find the route you’d like to save using the desktop instructions above.

  2. Open the route and click the blue save button below the map.

  3. Choose “download GPX” file and upload to your Garmin as their device instructions require.

  4. GPX files can be used on most GPS devices, so follow the instructions for your device to import.

If you have any technical problems, the PeopleForBikes team will be available in the overnight towns to help you have the best experience on Ride Spot.


For virtual help, please go to: or contact us.

We'll make sure you're taken care of.



Record and share your routes on Ride Spot and upload photos and stories to help grow our RAGBRAI community.


You’ll even have a chance

to win prizes!

The first 25 people each day to record their rides on Ride Spot AND come to the PeopleForBikes tent in the overnight towns and show us your recorded ride will earn limited edition prizes.


New prizes will be up for

grabs every day!


  1. In the Ride Spot app, make sure your location settings are set to “allow,” then simply hit “record my ride” on the home screen.

  2. Using a Garmin? Sync it using the instructions to the left.

  3. Upload GPX files from other tracking apps manually using the instructions to the left.

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